Advanced Hearing Aids, Inc

Helping Our Community With Two Locations
6612 E. Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver WA  |  804 Allen St. Ste 1, Kelso WA
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Patient Testimonials

We have enjoyed our experience with Kyle R. Koch, BC-HIS of Advanced Hearing Aids, Inc. in Vancouver, WA. We have been with him for some time & would definitely recommend him to others. He is excellent at follow-up and explanation!!

-Ken W.

The staff at Advanced Hearing Aids helped me file a hearing loss claim so I could receive hearing aids. It was a long process, but they helped me every step of the way! And now, I love the hearing aids I was fit with and am hearing better than ever before! I would gladly recommend Advanced Hearing Aids to anyone in need of assistance with their hearing!

-Jozef T.

"Everyone at Advanced Hearing Aids is excellent!"

-Richard G., La Center

"Don’t even think about going anywhere else for hearing aids!! Rod and Kyle are great - They’re knowledgeable, personable & professional. They are also affordable!"

-Larry W., Camas 

"After many years of 'lack of hearing frustration', and a couple of inappropriate product placements by other vendors, Advanced Hearing Aids, Inc. suggested the perfect product for my particular hearing loss and I am hearing things not heard in years! Very easy to use and nearly unnoticeable! Any repair or maintenance needed has been handled skillfully and quickly in their office. The staff is always helpful and from the very first appointment I have been treated with kindness and expert hearing care. I have and will continue to highly recommend Advanced Hearing Aids, Inc."

-Arlen K., Beaverton, OR

"If you're looking for a caring and honest earcare professional, I highly recommend Rod and Kyle at Advanced Hearing Aids, Inc. I would not personally hesitate to recommend them to my best friends and family. With either Rod or Kyle, you will certainly be in the best hands."

-Jean L., Vancouver, WA

"I am pleased to recommend Advanced Hearing Aids. I am on my second pair of Siemens Micon hearing aids and I can honestly say they have improved my quality of life. Prior to getting hearing aids, I was embarrassed because I could not pick up people's voices in a conversation. Rod and Kyle researched my hearing loss as to an industrial environment in my early working years. They helped me navigate a course through Labor & Industries to get my hearing aids.

I am now on my second set of Siemens Micon hearing aids and they are technologically improved from my original set. They have given me confidence in conversation, the ability to dissect sounds, hear music, and have created a very happy wife who does not have to shout at me anymore!

I urge you, if you have a hearing problem like mine, do yourself, your friends, and family a favor and get acquainted with Rod and Kyle. “

A very happy customer,

-Lee H., Vancouver, WA